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"LOCUS TABLE" is the hotel restaurant overlooking the beautiful oceans surrounding Miyakojima and sunset.
We provide food and services which are available to guests only on the day they are offered. The foods are mainly vegetables, herbs, and spices that are home grown in local gardens on Miyakojima.

Reservation of restaurant


We provide a semi-buffet of salad and soup, with a selectable main dish for breakfast. Also, there are original and healthy smoothies.
On mornings with good weather, please enjoy our breakfast on the terrace seat with a refreshing sea breeze.


At lunchtime, we recommend the chef's spice curry, and the LOCUS TABLE PLATE lunch special, both of which include a great view of the beautiful oceans of Miyakojima.
At tea time, please relax with desserts and the hotels exclusive and original blend of coffee.


We welcome our guests with foods (/ingredients) from Miyakojima and charming menu with herbs and spices grown in Miyakojima.
We prepare fresh, local foods that are limited in number on a day to day basis. Please enjoy various alcohol menus, such as cocktails based on local Awamori. We recommend using the restaurant around the sunset hour, which offers amazing views from the restaurant.