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Oct. 07. 2017 | #RETREAT

TAMAO has visited Miyakojima to dive several times. She loves the ocean activities, including surfing, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), and free diving.

The colorful coral reefs and beauty of white beaches, are essential activity scenes when we talk about this island. We can enjoy various activities on this island including diving, snorkeling, SUP, and surfing.

Surifng in Miyakojima during the 2 hour high-tide

"I've wanted to surf at this island at once in my lifetime" TAMAO said and headed to Yoshino coast as soon as she arrived at the island: The coast is one of the most popular surf spots in Miyakojima. It is said that the coastline is an area for more advanced level of surfing. One of the reasons being, that there is more than 100m spanning between the edge of the beach and the surf spot. Secondly, it is because the waves transform and become active at this point.
In Miyakojima, the surfing situation is slightly different from the main island and other isolated islands. We only can surf 2 hours, before and after the high tide, especially because the reef can be exposed and dangerous at low tide.

"It is unquestionable that facing nature demands respect… Nature has its own rhythm, it will not meet human con-veniences. To get enjoyment out of nature and the environment, we need to respect nature and be considerable of it at the same time. That's especially why we must be humble and respect each individual activity. The key to enjoying outdoor activities is to appreciate what the environment offers", said TAMAO.

During our visit we were blessed to encounter some local surfers. Mr. Taira is one of the key surfers of local scene. He also runs the local surf shop "SWELL". Additionally, we had some mutual friends, so things just kicked off natu-rally.

"To grow the ocean culture and customs of Miyakojima, we want to involve our local young surfers", said Mr. Taira.
"Outsiders from the island also bring an interesting new culture to Miyakojima. The culture and history that local people keep close to their heart is important too, so I wish both the local and outsider elements blend with each other and spread out to the ocean", said TAMAO.


664 Hirarakugai, Miyakojima, Okinawa
TEL / 0980-79-9900

To the way to the hidden world, and extending to the ocean

The ocean activities in Miyakojima is not only just during high-tide. For example, snorkeling is also a popular activi-ty. Ogamijima and Ikemajima are located at the northern part of Miyakojima and are well known as the hot spot its gracious and welcoming coral reefs.
TAMAO swims weightlessly for an instant amongst deep blue coral reefs, colorful fishes, and sea turtles.

"Free diving is one of the ocean activities that is easy and pleasurable, like taking a walk because you don't need any tools. Snorkeling also keeps equipment to a minimum and makes us feel connected to the sea and ourselves", said TAMAO.

We can get a glimpse of the hidden world within the ocean. TAMAO wants us not to look at the ocean but feel its hidden beauty too. She insists that snorkeling in Miyakojima is an experience that transcends this world.

Island expert

356-63, Hirarashimozato, Miyakojima, Okinawa
TEL / 0980-73-7060

Beautiful sunsets, a sky of starts and the journey to discover "your treasure"

Painagama beach is the closest spot by foot from HOTEL LOCUS, and is also easily accessible from central city on foot. Anyone can enjoy a perfect sunset from this location. TAMAO's chosen activity is to SUP here.

"The charm of SUP is being able to stand up and see everything from up high. We can enjoy the landscape of waves and cruising along them. Since the side of surfboard is larger than a standard board, beginners are able to ride easi-ly. On a SUP, we can also do yoga, fishing, exercises and take our dogs on the board from an island to an island", TAMAO said.

Blue Shanti

TEL / 090-5439-6814

TAMAO wishes to share this island's powers with many women by doing yoga retreats based at HOTEL LOCUS. The program would encompass yoga, surfing, snorkeling, and SUP while working together with local people.

At the same time, everyone can quickly become familiar with the island.

"Next time, I would like to move around the island by bicycle and discover "my treasure" location. In addition to the cycling, I would bring camping equipment, a SUP and I could explore the ocean and camp under the starry sky…etc. The pace of this island fits me very well", said TAMAO.
It is the constant fascination and carefree journey that really moves TAMAO's heart.


"As per usual, I learnt various things on this journey. I've had amazing encounters and connections with people simply via the common bond of sea activities. I saw the sky filled with starts for the first time, colorful landscapes, and heard from the true voices and thoughts from both locals and outside people. I want to expand my horizons as much as possible."


Paddler, boarder, surf, and yogini who fell in love with ocean. TAMAO is a life style advisor, especially to a to wom-en's lifestyle and body concerns. She is an advocate of inner beauty and health related to sports, food and nature. She is also the pioneer of "SUP YOGA" in Japan, lately pouring passion to SUP YOGA activities. Moreover, she holds many SUP YOGA events and is a sponsored ambassador for ROXY, Hydro FlaskR, Sambazon, Sunshine Juice Tokyo, and Axxe Wetsuit.

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